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What is the right time required for Identity Verification for everyone?

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An important aspect of a person’s life has become through the fast-moving digital world on the face of the world. Every day, the e-commerce industry is making multi-billion dollar sales as only in 2017, the online retail sales ignored the barrier of USD 2.3 trillion. Exceeding the population of the world’s most populous country, more than 2.25 billion sign in to their Facebook accounts. There is not only the increase in number every year due to online identity theft cases and digital frauds despite these amazing feats of the digital revolution but the behavior of these attacks is also becoming sophisticated in upcoming days.

Identity verification services are one of the most viable options on the basis to defeat online identity theft cases and create an online marketplace free of online fraud and scams. From online retailers and e-commerce websites, online verification will not only bring down the losses that are caused by identity theft and online frauds. There come different challenges while verifying the identity of every person in the world.

Global Outreach!

In every country of the world, a verification that can verify the identity of every person needs to available. Without ever going down, it must be accessible through the internet and be able to handle the large scale computational load.


For the integration seamlessly with the pre-existing systems, website portals, mobile apps and other digital resources, there must be 24/7 operational capacity.

Language Support throughout the world!

The important aspect of digital identity verification is Identity Protection Verification Services, as a KYC service needs an authentic official ID document for the verification of the individual credentials of the users. Over its competitors, a verification system that can read and verify different official languages will have the ultimate edge. The official language utilized on the identity document, it will be able to perform verifications in a perfect manner.

Support from Diverse Document!

The entire online verification process becomes hassle-free for users, with the ability to choose from a diverse list of identity documents. For the verification of their identity, they don’t find any difficulty to verify their identity when they are not bound to produce a particular identity document. Document support is a must-have in order to make digital verification accessible on a global scale.

In the verification process, a lot of ease for end users can be created with the choice to use an identity verification service even with a driving license enabling large scale adoption of the verification services.

There are several identity verification services that have all the attributes for the verification of every person on the face of the world. With more than 150 official languages of the world, it not only is available in every country throughout the world but is even compatible. Through its AI-based identity verification system, Real-time verification results are offered to its customers.


From all applicable documents including bank statements and utility bills for address verification, it can verify the identities of the end-users.

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